L’Entrecôte (SG)

one of the corners

Happy New Year to you! What’s the first thing and first meal you had in 2012?

Second day of new year ushered in so quickly and I’m backdating to this one last post from last year.

Entrecôte in French means ribeye cut, that’s the closest translation of it as French meat cuts are quite different from English meat cuts.

I have been itching to check out this no-nonsense steak frites restaurant in Singapore , yes, that’s the only main course on their menu.

The other choices you could make are from Starter and Desserts sections.

steak frites S$29++

 The main course comes with free flow of French fries, a bread basket and a plate of walnut salad served before the steak.

Also, we were treated to a glass of complimentary kir each.

The nicely sliced steak (medium above) was decent. Heavily coated in their ‘secretly guarded’ sauce, which tasted creamy, felt  a little grainy from the mustard, also flavourful from the meat juices.

Even though we weren’t blown away by the steak itself nor the sauce itself, the ambiance and the combination of the meal were very cozy and enjoyable all together.

I would be keen to be back here to check out their escargots, profiteroles and crepe Suzette in Grand Marnier.

Come here early, before 7pm if you want to get seats quick.

Bon Appetit to the new year!

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Address: 36 Duxton Hill  Singapore 089614 (No reservations allowed) http://lentrecote.sg/

– Revisited in April 201 –

S$29++ with a complimentary walnut salad, this was taken at the new branch located at Suntec Mall. There is a difference between Duxton Hill, there is no steak top up portion here, price was lowered accordingly as well. It is available on The Entertainer app 1-for-1, go try it out!


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