Cafe Ma Maison (SG)

I had a random Mango brûlée from Cafe Ma Maison while waiting on a friend, a tiny corner tucked away at Parco departmental stall, near the entrance of Promenade MRT station.

Since we just made a second visit here on this new year’s day of 2012, I think the tarts deserve a post on its own.

A reminder, these tarts are in the Japanese French category.

Mont Blanc Tart

They offer tea/coffee set with a tart (of limited 4 choices only) at SGD10.50 nett.

Luckily, our favourite chestnut (Mont Blanc) is on the tea set list.

The tart base was of almond flavour, good texture. Chestnut swirls atop were thick and firm, and I could taste the chestnut, great.
A pity the overall tart was a little too sweet.

I guess the bitter coffee set aside was a good counter off.

quirky coffee set

Banana Caramel Cream Tart

Our cousin is always hunting for banoffee pie whenever we are in a pastry shop.

Seeing this closet thing to banoffee, he grabbed it even though it’s not on the tea/coffee set list.

I thought the pie tasted decent overall, tart base was crispy, just that the thin layer of caramel was disappointing.

Another review by sgdessert

I have yet to try out Fruit Paradise tarts, their tea set is at SGD9.80++.

Address: P1-27, Parco at Millenia Walk (near Promenade MRT station exit)


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