Secret Recipe (SG)

Chocolate Banana Cake S$5.50++

A chain cafe serving cakes and savouries originates from Malaysia.

Cake creations here are of the basic types, nothing luxurious nor expensive.

That could be a selling point too if the cakes are decent and stay decent through the years.

Chocolate banana cake is one of our firm favourite at Secret Recipe, glad to have the cake the same way time over time.

Fresh bananas slices kept together by chocolate cream, layered between soft chocolate sponges, humble cake indeed.

Caramel Cheesecake S$5.50++

Cheesecake I can’t resist, even the most basic type. What more when I found my favourite caramel incorporated into the cheesecake.

The cake was better tasted with a cup of hot tea / coffee, texture was alright, tasted alright. The base was a little soggy for sitting in the fridge counter, a pitty as I quite like the chunky nut brittle inside the biscuit base.

If you have nowhere else to go for a decent slice of cake to end a weekend binging, probably Secret Recipe would be a choice.

Marina Square (Center Stage)
6, Raffles Boulevard, #02-138L

Singapore 039594 (for other branches)


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