Wee Nam Kee Hainanese chicken rice (SG)

Here’s the thing, it’s rare for so.moo.food to feature Chinese food reviews here, for no particular reason.

And having heard Wee Nam Kee being one of the famous chicken rice stalls, it’s great to stumble upon a branch at a mall.

Ok, sure, a franchised outlet can’t be compared to the original store located at Novena Ville.

However, I never tried it before, no harm right.

Moreover, I’m not a chicken rice fan, can do without, but won’t reject a good one if it’s on the way.

the chicken rice S$4

 There are three standard types of recipes offered – soya sauce chicken, poached chicken or roast chicken.

Soya sauce ran out during weekday dinner time, so we went for roast chicken.

The skin remained quite crispy even though the roast was seen sitting at the hanger for a while, and the meat was tender.

Flavourful rice grains coated with chicken oil.

And the most important vinegar-y chilli sauce of theirs, mixed up the rice and the chicken was delicious.

This is the first chicken rice dish I had in the longest time.

the roast chicken

I wonder why I am not a fan of chicken rice or crave for it even after long time of dissociation with this dish.

As an Ipoh kid, I grew up on nga choy gai (Beansprout chicken dish famous in Ipoh, poached chicken doused in some flavourful soya sauce concoction, served with any type of noodles in chicken broth or chicken rice of course). Sure it’s different from Hainanese chicken rice, concept is the same I suppose.

It used to amuse me to find that  Singaporeans when in Ipoh, they must have the dish. Now, I must have one or two helpings too when I do go to Ipoh.

Anyway, give this outlet a go.

Address: A branch located just outside Food Republic of Marina Square shopping centre

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