Tea Set @ Blackbird Cafe (SG)

Blackbird Cafe II

Blackbird Cafe

I am back here for the nth visit, and first time being able to take advantage of their tea set (before 6pm) at S$8++.

Iced Mochaccino S$6.50++

Double shot espresso into this iced coffee was invigorating.

Nice blend with the chocolate sauce.

Chocolate truffle cake for my tea set (latte) S$8++

 I had Latte and chocolate truffle cake.

I must say after trying their desserts here a few times, it’s of quality and taste.

The chilled soft chocolate layers (about 4 to 5) and delicious tasting chocolate mousse in between was a treat.

Highly recommend the value tea set here, good coffee and good desserts to boot.

Be sure be here by 6pm though.

Address: 6 Handy Road, #01-01A The Luxe, Singapore
Tel: +65 9185 8116


One thought on “Tea Set @ Blackbird Cafe (SG)

  1. I went for their set lunch and it was very outstanding. I was very surprised by the high quality and standards. Been wanting to write about it but I keep having food tastings and I had to publish the food tastings reviews out first.

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