Hot Chocolate in Singapore

I love Hot Chocolate, it got to be smooth, rich, dark and decadent.
Certainly not the type made at home which is like 95% warm milk based.

This is one hot drink I would like to get from a cafe or restaurant, mainly French based ones, rather than making one myself.

So, here is a list of places serving blog worthy hot chocolate in Singapore, in my opinion.

Toby’s Estate – Ghana Hot Chocolate
(Right) Oriole Cafe’s Hot Chocolate in an espresso cup
Jewel Artisan Chocolate – Hazelnut Hot chocolate
Laurent Bernard – 72% dark hot chocolate
Antoinette – Viennesse Hot Chocolate
Brunetti – Italian Hot Chocolate with whipped cream atop (TOP Favourite!)
Max Brenner – Hot Chocolate Cappuccino
Paul Boulangerie – Viennoise Hot Chocolate (2ND Favourite!)

 Since we are on hot chocolate topic, something worth mentioning is PS Cafe’s Iced Chocolate drink I had before, it’s malty and very chocolatey.

And I researched a little bit on elsewhere to get decent hot chocolate around this little island, yet to try myself…

Hediard Boutique Cafe 

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate

Jones the Grocer(not really great)



Gooey thick hot chocolate, to be consumed as soon as served. I took away in a paper cup halfway through, microwave it at home at night, it was just as good.

Ricciotti‘s version was pretty good too, it uses Camardo (Italian hot chocolate brand).

A nice hot chocolate list from TimeOut Singapore webbie.

 Psst…I took me more than a year to crawl through the places above for this compilation.

This list is not done yet, so watch out this space for the updates from time to time.

Patisserie G’s Hot chocolate (Small) S$4.50

Patisserie G‘s version was of French style – molten, deep and rich, I likey.

Hot Chocolate fix list as above mentioned:

  • Oriole Bar & Cafe
  • Paul Boulangerie
  • Max Brenner
  • Antoinette
  • Jewel Artisan Chocolate [Closed]
  • Laurent Bernard Chocolate Cafe
  • Brunetti
  • Toby’s Estate
  • Ricciotti
  • Jones the Grocer
  • Patisserie G

11 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate in Singapore

  1. adel says:

    I prefer Paul’s hot chocolate texture and taste than overly sweet ones at Max Brenner somehow, I wished both could be less sweet and darker. Brunetti is the best in SG hands down for reasonable pricing and superb quality.

  2. adel says:

    Ooo, that’s tough. Well, to the best I’ve tasted in SG could be Paradise Pavilion (Crystal Jade Dining In; Royal China, Lei Gardens…so many!). Xiao Long Bao I’ve no clues, but Nanxiang ones are pretty good and Din Tai Fung is as good in a different way.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for putting together this list – I’m visiting from the US for a few weeks, and had planned to compile a list of proper hot chocolate places while here.

    Is the Max Brenner hot chocolate any good here? The one in Boston is far too sweet, and not nearly rich enough. I’m looking for the darkest, thickest hot chocolate possible.

  4. adel says:

    Christ,great to know this list is of use to you.Well,I have to agree on Max Brenner hot chocolate was way too sweet,thought it’s only in Singapore,apparently elsewhere. I have put down Brunetti’s Italian Hot Chocolate as the best I’ve had, followed by Paul Boulangerie which is creamier & sweeter but thick nonetheless. I heard Hediard’s hot chocolate was another gem,also comes in spiced version. Try them out! So, these are the 3 shops I recommend for that thick dark hot chocolate treat :)

  5. Chris says:

    Jewel was far too sweet and thin, didn’t even finish 1/2 the cup.
    Brunetti wasn’t bad.
    Hediard was decent, but a bit watery.
    Laurent’s is the best in Singapore so far – proper melted chocolate, reasonably thick, and not too sweet.

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