The Moomba Tuckshop (SG)

Chorizo pasta salad S$9

I come to know about this gourmet sandwich shop from online reads, of course…

Even bebe who works at CBD doesn’t know about it.

I bragged on trying the sandwiches here until one fine day the bragging worked.

So, as a pasta maniac, I had the lovely chorizo pasta salad.

It is spiced up mayonnaise based dressing with hearty serving of thick slices of chorizo!
Add in tabasco sauce available by the window sill, it was a winner!

Wagyu Pastrami Sandwich with Onion & Sage bread S$13.80

Bebe is a meat lover.

So I asked him to try out the pastrami, and the one and only beef choice on the board, also the most expensive one.

It was a non-apologetic meaty sandwich, layers of cured waygu slices, combined with lovely thick cheese slices and some mustard accented dressing.

So simple yet so so good!

It would be a great sandwich treat here once a month  for me :)

other reviews …


Address: 4 Battery Road #B1-01 (at the side of Bank Of China building, along the river)
Note: Only Cash Accepted


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