Chocolate Origin (SG)

the paper box packaging

Apart from Awfully Chocolate delicious chocolate-focused treats, I came to know another chocolate cake store that sells only chocolate cake.

Hailed all the way from Changi Village, they just set up a branch in town for easy reach within this month.

They do offer another chocolate treat – chocolate lava cake but I didn’t try.

the perfect looking 6″ original chocolate cake S$29

Note that only CASH is accepted here.

I purchased the original chocolate cake.

The dark chocolate cake of 6″ will be S$36 instead.

sliced out…

This cake is of refined made I must say.

Top coating of smooth chocolate ganache (or maybe frosting), followed by a luscious chocolate mousse and then a very soft light chocolate sponge. And this pattern repeats once more for the rest of the cake.


This little 6″ cake could be up for 4 – 6 servings depending on the glutton in you.

I can’t help to compare to Awfully Chocolate one.

So Chocolate Origin is a very refined cake with densely packed chocolate mousse and fine chocolate sponges throughout.

While Awfully Chocolate is more of homemade feel in moist dark chocolate sponges and dark chocolate icing throughout, and they have more varieties in chocolate treats.

Both brands are tagged at about the same pricing for 6″ size.

~~ updated on 3 Apr 12~~

Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream S$5 (from Changi Village branch) — decent, a great trip for a night cycling along the east coast

Address: #B3, 313 Somerset, Orchard Road


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Origin (SG)

  1. I’ve seen quite some awesome pastry shops in Sydney and Melbourne, I’m sure there will be even better ones than this down under :)

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