Canelé Patisserie Macarons (SG)

the team of 6 macarons

Lucky us.

We were passed down a box of these 6 lovelies from an auntie whom doesn’t like sweet stuff, and she was given a box of it from her bank’s as her birthday token.

We travelled around with the box for almost 3 hours before settling them back to the fridge.

So, the shells were a little cracked and some melted fillings sipped out, but all good as it was during cool evening time.

So, let’s roll on the individual macaron review.

seems like a shell fish with tongue sticking out cheekily

This caramel tiramisu which was filled with thick gooey delicious caramel was GOOD!

Shells were on the chewier side, no bubbles, and the overall size of this little sandwich was medium.

Picture this, these macarons are actually a little bigger and came with fuller fillings than Jewel Artisan Chocolate, Sweet Spot ones.

all stacked up

Rose (above); Caramel (below)

Rose is one of my favourite macaron flavours out out there.

The shells were on the crispy side, butter cream filling was pretty firm and tasted very ‘rosy’ and pleasant.

Bluberry (above); Oreo (below)

Bluberry shells were on the chewy side. Fillings came with not only vanilla but also a blueberry compote centre.

Tart and sweet at the same time, you could also taste the blueberry grits too.

And Oreo! First time tasting an oreo macaron.

It was like having oreo but in a posh macaron body. Cool!

Passion Fruit (above); Chocolate Praline (below)

The passionfruit shells were chewy. While the passionfruit centre amongst the firm filling exploded in full flavour. Very invigorating.

Ah, the chocolate macaron. The classic of all classic flavours.

Very firm dark chocolate ganache sandwiched between a little chewy chocolate shells dotted with some praline crunch.

Overall, the dark and flavourful chocolate used in this macaron was superb.

Here concludes my take on these six macarons. This is also my first time trying out their macarons (except the chocolate ones).

Go get a box of this decadence to indulge in over Monday blues.

Address: branches available islandwide


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