Gattopardo (SG) – Restaurant Week Mar-12

Complimentary bread basket with crisps

Here features my first and last Restaurant Week Singapore March-2012 attempt.

We came here for Sat lunch, S$35++ per head.

The bread served promptly upon seated, it was cold but they were soft and I especially love the fruity tasting olive oil served aside.

The presumably phyllo crisps, seasoned with spices served atop were crunchy and savoury.

Starter - Spinach salad with pear slices

Disappointment set in when I saw the very tasteless salad.

And my tongue confirmed what my eyes perceived.


Second course - cod fish ravioli, baby octopus in seafood consomme

 This seafood course was the best among all the courses. Flavourful and tasty consomme, tender ravioli with cod fish flakes, fresh and fragrant baby octopus combined well.

Main course - Seabream with aubergine puree

The serving size and presentation seemed budgeted.

This dish was so so, didn’t like the non-crispy fish skin, thin fillet, the tomato sauce concoction wasn’t great in my opinion. The best thing was the aubergine puree.

Another main course - Tagine cooked free-range chicken with cous cous

I was shocked at the puny, uninspired portion of my partner’s chicken.

I expected the chicken served in the tagine, first of all.  But…anyway, taste of the chicken was alright.

Dessert - Banana chunks filled crepe with mango sorbet, served with passion fruit sauce

The tiny puny teaspoon of mango sorbet was great, soft crepe filled with the caramel banana chunks was good.

Simple and nice.

Dessert from another view

I didn’t get the timing that I wanted for Novus, Salt Grill, Clifford, Ku De Ta :(.

And since Gattopardo has always been on my hunt list, so, I was really glad to be able to dine here during Restaurant Week.

After this visit, I was somehow dismayed at the dishes, the tastes, the portions and the combination were short falled. The service crew was diligent though.

I might  just be back to try their normal seafood menu, which is their forte apparently.

Address: 11 Canning Walk  The Legends Fort Canning Park, Singapore 178881
Tel Number: 6338 5498


2 thoughts on “Gattopardo (SG) – Restaurant Week Mar-12

  1. It isn’t a loss for Novus. Their RW set lunch menu is the same cost as their normal set lunch menu, which has more choices and a cheaper option of 2 courses ;)

  2. My first restaurant week experience was at Gattopardo 2 years back, service was excellent and the portions were substantial. Ive been a return customer for a sometime and sad to say that the portions are getting a smaller.
    It was magical when I proposed to my fiancee there, but on my recent return, the portions were a little small and I felt apologetic for my guests who were still hungry after.

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