Nando’s (SG)

New recent dish (Cataplana) - flavoured long grain rice and marinated chicken chunks & vegetables atop S$19.90++

It wasn’t an intention to blog about Nando’s and hence a special visit.

You know it’s just one of those days, a random meal out, at a familliar restaurant, no surprises or let down.

We visited the branch at Tanglin Mall for a Tues evening meal.

Now, this new dish was a little surprise and he took a plunge to try it out.

Served in a copper dish, covered upon presentation.

The rice with the well marinated ingredients worked out as a a comforting dinner after a day’s work.

The classic 1/4 chicken with 2 sides S$14.90++

And I had the usual quarter chicken, requested for breast meat.

Love the creamy spicy marinade (sauce?) on the chicken, too little for rationing with the big piece of meat.

Angry Mango Burger with 2 sides S$13.90++

I just have to put up the picture of Angry Mango burger here, from a visit few months back at Plaza Singapura.

The sidedish of lime leaves & baby potatoes on skewer was very fresh tasting and tender.

The bread of the burger was too soft and dry. The chicken fillet was over grilled, though the saving grace was that the mango sauce was addictive, tangy and spicy, again, too little for the meat.

Oh yes, a year back, we had a visit at Johor Bahru (Malaysia) branch. Here’s the Nando’s Kebab (RM14.90++), which you could find in Singapore too.

Plating and freshness are definitely better in Singapore for some reason.

Address: Ground floor, Tanglin Mall, Singapore (available islandwide)


4 thoughts on “Nando’s (SG)

  1. it really depends the timing you’re at the restaurant, we were there around 6.30pm on Mon, so that explained the good service and chillax ambiance :)

  2. Hi Adel,

    Bom Dia & warmest greetings from Nando’s Singapore!

    Thank you for the review, we hope you’ve enjoyed your meal with us & we certainly glad that you like our latest addition, Cataplana!

    Hope to see you again soon & you have a great weekend ahead =]

    P/s: Foodie FC, we have taken note of your comment on the speed, hopefully you’ll have an experience to chirp about on your next visit!

    Peri Regards,
    Marketing Department
    Nando’s Singapore

  3. Wow, great to hear from management herself! Cheers! Looking forward to more delicious meals at your establishments :)

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