Truffs (SG)

70% truffle

S$30 for a box of 9-piece. S$50 for a box of 18-piece.

The dark ganache was incredibly smooth inside, encased in a harder chocolate shell dusted in dark cocoa powder.

A piece of ultimate decadence. More importantly, freshly handmade at the shop by the artisan herself.

Dark chocolate cake S$11

Truffs initially started out by selling just truffles.

Later last year, they opened up a space housing a cafe serving chocolate treats in greater varieties.

There’s earl grey dark chocolate tart (S$7) and this dark chocolate cake (S$11 per slice).

The former ran out, so, I took away the dark chocolate cake.

and other sides of the chocolate cake

I was a little taken aback at first finding out the price for such medium slice, then, it’s the premium chocolate being used here (didn’t get to find out which). So, I invested in it to find out how good it is.

The sponges were moist with chocolate-ness throughout. The not-so-thin-nor-thick chocolate liquid layer atop, middle and all around the cake was really indulging and delicious.

Too bad, too little to go with the moist cake.

Next time I’m around Tanjong Pagar area, better snap up the chocolate tart quick before it runs out.

Happy Easter weekend and have lots of chocolate!

Address: 179a Telok Ayer Street, Singapore (near Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri (12pm-7pm); Sat (12pm-4pm); Closed on Public Holiday and Sunday


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