Indian Curry House (SG)

complimentary crisps with dips

It has been ages since we last dined on Indian food.

After watching a string of shows on Food Network, Indian cooking came up just before dinner time on a Sunday.

That made us craving for Tikka Massala, the national British dish.

Garlic Naan Bread S$3.50+

There are 3 Indian Restaurants along Siglap food stretch – Chutney Mary, Chat Masala and this newly opened Indian Curry House.

Anyway, the garlic naan arrived toasty and fresh.

Crispy outside, pretty thin which’s my type, full of garlicky flavour.

Chicken Tikka Masala S$16.90+

The tender grilled chicken chunks drown in the sauce was flavourful on its own.

I was expecting a creamier, nuttier version like the British one to bring some comfort into the meal.

However, this rendition with minimal cream/yoghurt was spicier, a little tangy and tasted geared towards Vindaloo gravy.

I must say it’s pretty tasty too.

Prawn Briyani S$17.90+

The basmati rice grains were cooked to right chewiness, somehow a little amiss, some spices not there.

Prawns were juicy. Overall an ok dish.

Service was prompt.

All credit cards enjoy 10% the bill

27 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455211
Tel: +65 6442 0910
Fax: +65 6445 6540
Hours: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6.00pm–11.00pm


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