BALI (Indonesia)

Individual pool at 2-bedroom villa

Best months to travel: April – September (dry season)

Hot areas of Bali for tourists: Seminyak (filled with restaurants, quieter and more refined area), Kuta (for youngsters, partying), Nusa Dua (on the higher end of accommodation and dining too), Ubud (for the culturally inclined ones).

And we chose April since it’s off-peak and stayed near Seminyak which is called Kerobokan, just a few minutes drive.

And walking from a hot spot to another is not recommended. Best if you were to hire a driver, rent a car / motorbike!

the living area and kitchen – outdoor

The Friday lunch time we arrived, it was sunny and hot.

We took the pre-arranged complimentary airport transfer provided by the villa (Note: most resorts/villa/hotel in Bali offer this service, make use of it as paying it yourself for a cab on meter will cost SGD40 and onward), checked in, took pictures of the untouched interior and napped.

We went out late to Seminyak for lunch/early dinner but most restaurants on my list are having in-between service break (3-6.30pm).

Hence we hailed a cab to Seminyak downtown to walk aimlessly through stretches of shops, and took some more pictures.

and the pool again…can’t get enough of it
the shower and lavatory are outdoor surrounded by greens
the door to the villa
the green corridor to the villa
we stayed near Seminyak area, need a statement picture nonetheless…haha
met these retro biscuit tins decorating a restaurant shop front at Seminyak

The next day, we decided to take up one of the cultural trips on the brochure I obtained from the airport.

I know it’s not the smartest thing to do, but we severely lacked prior research and only hoped to unwind in Bali.

Bali Peace Tour is one of the many tours available on the bunch of brochures, which we found ok valued, priced at USD45 per person (Rupiah 810,000 for two).

It covers lunch and dinner costs, entry fees and about 12 hours drive. Pick up and drop off at your accommodation. Personal MVP to ourselves.

watching the Barong and Dayung folklore drama catered to visitors which originally is a serious religious ceremony practised during their annual prayer festival
for batik cloth making
the temple at a home of a painter
inside the temple

First half of the day brought us through hubs of painters, wood sculptures, silversmith, organic plantation – also meant buying their merchandises.

Beware of quoted price by these house. Always start the bargain by going a few dollars lower after halving the quote, and work your way up to a compromise. Trust me, we were overcharged like SGD60 after finding out the actual price from outside shops.

Otherwise, hold your urge and buy souvenir from Carrefour near Kuta! We had a great time shopping for food and souvenirs there!

wood carving at the entrance of the shop house
the organic plantation visited for the coffee beans as follows …
you got it – the famous and expensive coffee beans
the captured wild foxes (not only civet cats) caged to show tourists…they contribute to the luwak coffee beans
the beans…including cocoa ones
traditional method of roasting
here’s my cup of virgin luwak coffee Rupiah50,000 (about SGD7)
believe it or not, this is the bigger cousin of passion fruit
a serene paddy field met en route to Mount Kintamani
Mount Kintamani, magnificent
an intricately carved door met randomly
A huge temple habituated by groups of benign monkeys
stone carving on the temple walls
the alpha male monkey at the front was holding a bar of instant noodle, the gang tagged along in hope to get a share of it
more intricate stone carving at the temple and a small river running through the compound
ancient trees around the temple
we made it to the sunset at Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot – the famous temple on the island
late evening, on the way back from the seaside after catching sun set at Tanah Lot
we decided to brave renting a motorbike to cruise around town, it was so fun, should have done it from day one – about SGD 7 only for 24 hrs renting, cheaper rate for longer days
bye bye Bali – the end of the chapter

The best part about the trip was renting the motorbike and cruised around.

It was pretty safe if you have your precautions taken. Most working class folks are on motorbikes and they respect each other.

I hope to be back here for more restaurant adventures, and to cruise around on the motorbike exploring a beach to another.


By the way, if you are renting a car for day tour around town, avoid buying stuff from the local artisan houses you are driven to, without bargaining the quoted price down to a quarter / a third …

We got scammed as we were stupid and our 1st day there without prior research on the locality.

Well, here are the receipts from a wood carving house (Dewa Malen) and an organic plantation house (Satria Agrowisata).

Paid 3 – 4 times of the same quality found in elsewhere in Bali! So idiotic of us!

Satria Agrowisata – had approx S$7 Luwak cuppa (that’s ok); Bought 100% cocoa powder, vanilla coffee mix and Bali coffee beans at about S$16 per box of 150g-200g.
2 small ubiquitous and not-so-intricate wooden boxes at S$25 each, we were so stupid!

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