Karma Beach Club @ Batu Petig,Bali [Closed]

along Karma Beach, between Seminyak and Kerobokan

On the last day in Bali, we had a final cruise around town on the motorbike in search of the nearby Echo beach (popular for the black sand) near our accommodation.

And it was a breezy morning, a little overcast.

However, GPS didn’t work that well and we ended up off Echo Beach, which is called Karma Beach – and it wasn’t in the plan nor in the know, just launched in the past month.

What drew me in was the rustic looking (palm leaves, bamboo stems structure) restaurant smacked right in front of us, luring us with a cozy white wash interior.

So, we stayed on…

the view from our dining table at the bar & restaurant

We had macchiato (Rp35k/SGD5), cappuccino(Rp30k/SGD4), a huge local coconut juice (Rp30k/SGD4) and
the massive pancake stack (SGD60k/SGD8.30)!

Service charge 6%, Gov tax 10%.

The coffee were decent, and the huge coconut with its translucent tender flesh inside was  really refreshing.

Brunch on pancakes by the seaside – wish this is for my every Monday

This was our second breakfast, ordered with some reluctance before we didn’t know how rewarding it was.

Mine mine… the freshly cooked blueberries compote was delicious, huge dollop of melted butter dripping through the fluffy and thick pancakes really made our Monday morning here. And I had no idea why it’s in yellow tinge, probably some corn meal was used?

A vibrant look at the amazingly big and delicious pancakes 

You know, I never ordered pancake during any brunch in Singapore, never a pancake lover, probably haven’t found a good one.

This very bar in somewhat secluded part of Bali and her pancakes changed my mind forever. And I will reserve my pancake calories for holidays in Bali.

If I’m back in Bali, I will be back here, for sure!

Another review by www.hellobalimagazine.com

Address: Karma Beach Batu Belig,  Seminyak, Bali
Tel No.: 0361 361 8888
Facebook page


One thought on “Karma Beach Club @ Batu Petig,Bali [Closed]

  1. Hey!

    Karma Beach has gone out of biz. I arrived at the end of Jl Batu Belig a few day ago (late May) only to realise that. Shame cos Karma Beach seems to have a cool gig going. The folks working in Bali F&B tell me that KB was faulted for taking up more real estate than they paid for. Anyways, will find time to check out their other beach club instead. :)

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