Dim Sum @ Paradise Pavilion (SG) I

the surrounding of Marina Bay Financial Centre leading up to the restaurant located at 1st floor – accessed by the elevator

Chilled century egg with ginger in citrus (front) S$8.80++ ; Kou sui ji (behind); Deep fried crabmeat dumpling S$5.80++(far back)

closer look of the cold dish of century egg , very zesty and refreshing

Kou Sui Ji (Saliva Chicken) – poached chicken served in chilli oil and peanut butter sauce as a cold dish S$9.80++

The very rich peanut butter sauce came with a touch of saltiness among the adequately spicy chilli oil was an interesting comination.

The tender poached chicken was well dressed with this combination strangely.

Siew Mai on Skewers S$5.80++ served with sesame paste and sha cha sauce aside

Loved the springy meat filling inside and the grilling taste on the dumpling skin. Nice twist on the normal steamed siew mai.

Fried dough fritter cheong fun S$5.50++

A pity to let this ‘za leong’ rested in the air-con room for a while as we were busy with the previous dishes still, the dough was a little hard when cooled.

I am pretty sure if we eat them fresh, the crunchy texture will contrast well with the soft steamed rice skin on the outside.

Fried carrot cake in XO Sauce S$8.80++

I wished the exterior of the radish chunks were crispy, well, I was really glad the XO sauce being prevalent throughout and it was a great tasting dish nonetheless.

Seafood broth with scallops, mushroom and dumpling skin S$8.80++ – love the seafood stock, very warming and luxurious

Steamed custard bun S$5.50++ – the custard bun skins were revised to a firmer and stretchier texture this time round, hence the smaller sizes, however custard inside was as great as ever

Fried prawn rolls with mango S$5.60++ – the mango and citrus-y mayonnaise inside was a perfect match

Have a look at the entry of previous visit during Chinese New Year period this year.

Remember to sign up for their Paradise gourmet card if you dine at their branches often, you get 10% rebates of final bill and vouchers along with it. It’s worth it.

8A Marina Boulevard
#02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre (Ground Plaza)
Singapore 018984
Tel: 6509 9308


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