Din Tai Fung (SG)

Hot & Sour Soup (Regular) S$7.80++

I know most Singaporeans would have been to at least one of their ubiquitous branches on this island.

This is the most complete picture compilation on one of our dinners here, being at Marina Bay Link Mall on the public holiday was just a bliss to avoid the intense crowds and queues.

So, I will make this a pictorial one.

Tofu & Mushroom cold appetiser S$3.80++

Braised beef noodle soup S$11++

Chococlate & Red Bean Lava Buns (6 pieces) S$6.90++

This is something new, probably available for a limited time only.

We didn’t like the chocolate sauce encased inside the red bean paste, but the red bean itself was good, and not too sweet.

Interesting texture too eating read bean paste against xiao long bao skin.

This basket of sweet buns could be complimentary if you reach S$80 per table.

the inside of red bean & chocolate bun

Crab xiao long baos (10 pieces) S$13.80++

Branches islandwide


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