Crystal Jade Dining In II (SG)

Seafood Dumpling Soup S$7.20++

This is the 3rd visit back, and thanks to the vouchers we redeemed from NTUC link points.

This version of seafood dumpling soup had way less seafood elements, and mainly made of pork as fillers mixed with some scallops and prawns.  Broth itself was good. I prefer Paradise Pavilion’s rendition which tasted deeper and consisted of only seafood without any pork.

Steamed beef balls S$4.20++

I love beef balls dotted with the Chinese parsley to lend a kick to the overall smooth and bouncy texture.

Was hoping beef balls filled with tendon bits, hard to find them in Singapore, unsuccesful at the moment.

(Front) Deep fried egg plant with pork floss & garlic S$8++; (Back) Stir fried ee-fu noodles with shrimp roes S$8++

This time round, we didn’t try the classic steamed har cheong, siew mai and har gow.

The last attempt on the shrimp roes ee-fu noodles was good, very fragrant. This time round, the shrimp roes were very faint, and too much gravy for a stir fried.

The crispy and light batter on the egg plant cubes was addictive. And it couldn’t go wrong with the fried garlic bits tossed in.

And we repeated ordering the following which still tasted consistent and great …

Steamed custard egg yolk buns S$4.20++

Pan fried carrot cake S$3.60++

Deep fried shrimp dumplings S$4.80++

Also, have a look at the dim sum spreads from the first visit as well as the visit to Crystal Jade Palace (Takashimaya branch).

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-112 VivoCity, Singapore
Tel: +65 6278 5626


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