Palembang (Indonesia)

on the plane overlooking River Musi

Palembang is the capital of South Sumatera island of Indonesia.

From Singapore to Palembang, the only direct flights are offered by Silkair, which is on the expensive side.

So, the budget way to get there would be by Air Asia, from Singapore to KL, then KL to Palembang, at almost one third of Silkair price.

the hot afternoon sky
a lunch at Pagi Sore restaurant
the dishes at the bottom tier
pretty flower found at friend’s rooftop garden
Mee Celup (noodle in prawn stock with coconut milk) – this stall has stood through world wars, shop location remained the same for the past 60 years
Pempek Sausi – Sausage wrapped in fried fish balls
J.Co donuts – the avocado ones
the night view
deep fried tofu cubes eaten best with fresh green cili padi
Es Teler – ice shaving served with condensed milk, avocado, coconut and jackfruits! so good…
Bakso – beef balls with vermicelli in beef soup, best accompanied by green chilli paste
very well marinated and flavoured chargrilled chicken satay! best with peanut sauce & added green chilli paste
outside the Sup Buntuk (Oxtail Soup) restaurant located in a village off the main road
Sup Buntut (Oxtail Soup)
the statement Ampera bridge at Palembang during night time
Pempek (local fish balls) – fried version, eaten normally with black chilli vinegar

Pempek is the quintessential food in Palembang.

If you haven’t tried pempek, you haven’t been to Palembang.

steamed Pempek in all forms
and the huge one filled with one whole egg, deep fried, doused in the black watery chilli vinegar

It’s a city with lots of delicious food. And of course, best if you come here visiting local friends who would bring you around for food tasting.

There are three big malls, the latest and most modern one being Palembang Indah Mall, that is if you want somewhere to chill in between eating trips.

Palembang hosted SEA games back in 2011, worth checking out the huge and quiet compounds of sports stadium for a stroll beside the lake. And perhaps a swim at the Olympic sized pool.


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