Swensen’s @ ION Orchard (SG)

part of the spacious interior

I took the opportunity of photographing the corner where I sat before the dining companions arrive.

Love the spaciousness, especially the cushioned seat.

You might want to know that Swensen’s has new additions to her already extensive menu, span across snacks, main courses and desserts sections.

Prawn & Fruit Salad with mango yoghurt dressing

A refreshing starter indeed. Lightly blanched prawns, juiciness retained. Served with healthy fruity dressing, eaten with longans and tropical fruit cubes together with romaine lettuce leaves. A little under seasoned, but perfect for healthy taste buds.

HOT US Fries & Dips

Swensen’s coated fries are made of  pure US Idaho potatoes.

The stealth coating on each fry will retain the fries’ appearance, taste and heat for at least 15 minutes upon serving. According to Andrew from Swensen’s, it is not exactly cheap but worthwhile.

Do not worry, the coating is nothing scandalous, it is a patented process of starch based thin coating around the fries.

NEW! Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns

The above is one of my favourite pasta dishes. Apart from the generous serving of three bouncy and fresh king prawns.

The laksa pesto was appetising and fragrant indeed.  Spaghetti was al dente enough, coated well with the aromatic ground daun kesom (laksa leaves) mixture.

Since traditional pesto is made of pine nuts and basil leaves and olive oil, I am really curious what else goes into the laksa pesto to replace the rest of the ingredients. I will find it out for my recipe collection.

NEW! Spiced King Prawns & Chips

Want a break from the usual fish & chips and still yearn for fried food in a restaurant?

Hit this fragrant & ultra crispy king prawns instead.

Since the shells was fried until ultra crispy yet flesh retained springy, I found no problem chomping down the whole prawn with shells on. Served with tartar sauce aside as well as a small bowl of fresh coleslaw.

A health tip – glucosamine is extracted from crustacean shells. So if you want healthy joints, eat the shells.

NEW! Swensen’s 88 Chicken Sandwich

The well marinated chicken inside was oh-so-comforting and tender. Combined with onion slices, melted cheese, some ground pepper – this spelled comfort food.

Ciabatta was buttered on both sides, texture was soft, very suitable to Asian palette for soft bread.

NEW! Tuna Ciabatta

I didn’t get to try tuna version. The girl really liked the tuna filling though. And it looks like a perfect light bite to me for lunch or dinner.

NEW! Crabmeat Fried Rice

Not only you get full crab flavoured fried rice, you will get the real deal – abundant of  crab meat flakes in there too.

For some crunch, the three crispy soft shell crabs atop served the purpose.

Macaroni and Cheese

Ultra comforting gooey-ness with mushrooms inside to boot, need I say more?

Family Sized Beef Lasagne – 3 portions in a very large casserole

Sure beef lasagne is one of the classic dishes served here. However, a large casserole of 3 big portions of beef lasagne price at only S$22-ish is a deal to share among a group.

Wanna make vege haters eat the greens? Bring this dish to them and they won’t mind the generous spinach layers in between.

NEW! Ice Cream Sandwich OS

Dessert round!

Revisit your childhood icy treat here.

Crumbly and moist chocolate biscuits complemented the vanilla ice-cream so well.

Dip the sandwich into the melted chocolate sauce before each bite made it so indulging and fun.

close up shot of the ice-cream sandwich

a selection of ice-cream of four varieties from the 50 flavours available at the counter

Ion Orchard’s Swensen is the only branch that holds daily ice-cream buffet.

They have not only ice-cream, but also gelato range.

50+ flavours to choose from.

Chendol (left) & Flavour of the month – Banana salted caramel (right)

The chendol ice-cream tasted exactly like chendol but in an iced form, so good.

NEW! The Rock sundae, served with dry ice in action

The Rock comprised of Hazelnut, Rocky Road and Cookies & Cream scoops. Sprinkled with marshmallow sauce, Italian wafers, hot caramel and cocoa pops! With the cinematic dry ice effect, this is a impressive dessert to share with your loved ones.

one of the three ice-cream sections housed inside the restaurant

More ice-cream anyone?

ice-cream buffet counter ahead…

Thanks a million to the generous invitation from Andrew and Adora from Swensen’s, as well as PR Publicist Leen and Tiffany for hosting such a sumptuous and sweet dinner.

I am more than keen to revisit this branch especially with my mates to indulge in Swensen’s generous portions & new offerings.

*Media Invitation*
Address: 2 Orchard Turn,#B1-31, ION Orchard


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