Wishbone (SG)

Hailam Chicken Rice Set S$10.90++ with a cup of local coffee / tea

This is the first ever time I step into Bukit Timah plaza. If not for a certain audio related gagdet to be found only here…

After the mission was accomplished, we strolled around to find something for late lunch.

A cozy and old school western restaurant caught our attention.

And guess what, the most popular dish is their Hailam Chicken Rice set.

True to its popularity, the rice grains were very well flavoured, tasty homemade chilli sauce to add onto the generous portion of well poached chicken. Worth a try!

Waffle with Gula Melaka ice-cream S$5.50++

I saw Gula Melaka ice-cream at the entrance and I knew I got to have it.

So, ordered waffle with it (you have the other choice of brownie too).

Waffle wasn’t good, served cold, stodgy and no crisp. However, the big scoop of icy Gula Melaka was great, it’s coconut based, tasted like childhood to me.

The chicken rice was a surprise find nonetheless.

Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B2-05 Bukit Timah Plaza
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One thought on “Wishbone (SG)

  1. This is one of the few restaurants I remember from my childhood days! Nothing much has changed actually for the past….. 13 years? We always order their banana split for old times’ sake ;)

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