Ricciotti (SG)

rustic Italian and colourful corner – indoor

One Thursday afternoon, I decided to pop by here for their somewhat famous dark hot chocolate.

the dessert counter and some Italian produce for sell

Boy oh boy, I was in for a real treat.

The hot chocolate virtually resembles a pudding texture. You will beg for a glass of water to wash down the chocolate coated tongue, rest assured, this was a pleasant feeling of course.

Being on my own this afternoon, I couldn’t finish the hot chocolate. So, I asked for the rest to be packed away.

Later at night, I heated it up using microwave’s medium heat under 1 minute, and it turned out to be a chocolate-molten good time. Great stuff!

my ultimate decadent tea time on a serene Thurs afternoon by the river

Actually, I planned to have one just one hot chocolate to go by the afternoon. Then, I was tempted by the pretty desserts on display.

Average S$8.50++ onwards, I was deterred until I saw the side counter displaying a humble-looking lemon meringue tart and some other cake slices. So, I had to order it, and boy it was a huge serving for S$4.90++.

See also the previous entry – Hot Chocolate in SG if you are in search for a thick, luscious and decadent cup of hot chocolate in Singapore.

Guess what, I will be exploring some cities in Italy next month, and I will report back on the real Italian hot chocolate in due time.


Ricciotti The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road
B1-49/50 The Riverwalk, S 058416
Open daily, 10am – 11pm
Tel:6533 9060


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