Brunch @ Herbstreet (Dublin)

Bluberry pancake stack with orange butter (about EUR9.50)

I made random day trips to Dublin during our stay in Ireland, so do not have the time to venture into breakfast/brunch scene in the capital most of the time.

This weekend, we had to pick visitors up from the airport so we decided to stay one night in Dublin as not to miss the early arrival time.

Oh boy, didn’t know I would be rewarded with this high stacked of moist pancakes. Full of blueberries within, and also blueberry compote in between the stacks! The orange compound butter was invigorating.

Egg Benedicts EUR11.50 (EUR3 add on for sausage)

The fluffy English muffins were baked in-house, great Hollandaise sauce, smooth and not cloying. Extra sausage on the side to boot.

Full Irish Breakfast EUR12.50

This will literally fuel your day.

The black pudding was delicious, though I had only a small bite. Potato hash was moulded in with bits of  preserved olives to add some kick. Crispy Irish bacon and juicy sausage.

Nothing to complain about.

We were mightily impressed with the quality of brunch items here as well as the attentive service.

We’ll be back when we return to Dublin.

Address: Hanover Quay, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2, Ireland


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