Il Valentino (Dublin)

sweet things right at the entrace

A small cafe houses only less than 10 small tables inside and out.

Small but mighty, it packs all the delights that agree with me. Fruit tarts, chocolate tarts, artisan bread, savoury pizza slices….to name a few.

I am here always finding myself taking away and no success in seat spotting.

and more

They also have a wicked coffee counter for take away, not that great with hot chocolate but the rest of the usual suspects – cappuccino, latte, espresso were reasonably priced and stood out among other coffee chains in Dublin.


Crispy exterior, a little tangy cheese filling inside. Nice.

the more the merrier
took away lemon meringue tart EUR3.50

Crunchy base tart, not too tart lemon curd and not too sweet meringue atop. Love it.

lemon meringue tart!

Situated just off financial hub in Dublin, along the quay, it’s just the place to stop by, take away and eat by the quay.

Address: 5 Gallery Quay, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2


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