Gelato in Rome,Italy

Il Gelato

Il Gelato logo
this is only one third of their very extensive gelato flavours
chocolate based gelato alone has many varieties
and more
and more…not finished yet

Apart from the usual suspects, they have a range of really inventive flavours like Gorgonzola, Wasabi, all things savoury found in pizza or pasta. I tried Gorgonzola, it tasted like the real thing except in cold creamy gelato form.

Well, I prefer the safe ol’ classic flavours which was pistachio, dark chocolate and hazelnut as below.

Their textures were smooth and spot on flavours.

Best of all, this was an unplanned visit!

and this is my pick of 3 flavours served in a cup (EUR3)


the striking poster

After 3 hours plus of walking through Colosseo and Palatine areas, it’s time to hit the last spot in Rome – Pantheon before leaving for Florence the next day.

Thank goodness for GPS, we were trying a shortcut getting to Pantheon, and met this cheerful gelato shop on a small lane. Another spontaneous visit.

part of the flavours offered

The flavours here were more limited, but very enticing looking. Most of all, they tasted better than they look.

fruit based flavours

I had classic chocolate biscuit, mascarpone & fig and can’t remember the third one.

I’d definitely recommend this shop if nearby Pantheon.

my chosen cup of 3 flavours (EUR3.50)

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Fresh and simple flavours

Want organic, simple and wholesome flavours?

This is the place, near Prati (Vatican) area where we stayed, after a dinner nearby our hotel, I tracked it down for dessert.

the second part

The choices here were straightforward and very attractive nonetheless.  The gelato here all made in the premise itself.

I had the classic dark chocolate, hazelnut and apple & caramel.

What can I say? Another marvellous gelato shop serving fantastic icy treats.

my chosen cup of flavours (EUR3.50)
his chosen cone of 3 flavours (EUR3.50)

Mo’s Gelaterie

Mo’s Gelateria shop front

I passed by this shop while searching for the nearby supermarket to stock up on drinking water.

Quickly, I searched up on it the night itself.

The other night before we left Rome, I was determined to taste their gelato even though we didn’t have the appetite.

the order counter

If you don’t know what to order, always ask the owner!

That’s what we did, ate what she recommended and no regrets!

The textures were all so smooth and fantastic flavours too.

a cup of 3 flavours (melted pretty fast) EUR3.50
they also offers tiramisu, cold desserts and gelato on sticks!

Thinking back, I regretted not getting the gelato stick.

We didn’t let go of the tempting looking tiramisu though.

Mo’s also famous is their hot chocolate, unfortunately, owner said they only serve it during cold months as they want customers to enjoy it, so no hot chocolate during hot summer days.

we also bought a small tiramisu (EUR5)

I was very pleased with all the gelato shops featured all, and definitely would recommend them to you.

Stay away from the unheard gelato shops smacked right across touristic spots (which I tried one near St Peter’s Basilica out of curiousity). Do some quick research and keep a mental note of the worthy gelateria names.

So, when you do pass by, you know you’re not missing out on something great!

Next up, I’ll be sharing the usual sites in Rome and the iPhone apps that helped me through the eats in Rome.

1. Il Gelato – Piazza Monte d’Oro 91/92 (Via Tomacelli) Rome
2. Gelateria dei Gracchi – Via dei Gracchi 272 (original branch in quartiere Nomentana, on Viale de Regina Margherita, 212), Rome
3. Origini – Via del Gesù, 73  00186 Rome (near Pantheon)
4. Mo’s Gelaterie Cioccolaterie – Via Cola di Rienzo 00192 Rome (near Lepanto Metro stop)



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