at the train platform linked at the airport

We hopped through three Italian cities, starting from Rome, within a week in July.


I think Roma Pass is a good deal if you intend to spend a short 3-night stay, sponsored by the Rome government. The pass covers unlimited metro, bus network and a choice of two museums/historical sites on the list. Vatican is not included.

Another independently run OMNIA Vatican & Rome pass is worth a look too, but beware of the terms & conditions.

our stay at Hotel Arcangelo near Vatican area, art deco interior which takes sometime to get used to
Trevi Fountian, Spanish Steps, view from Vatican Museum (bottom two)

Apart from one of the handy dandy guide books you’re holding.

If you can’t live without your always-connected smart phone, this habit is put to good use when it’s time to look for a decent meal.

I’m a iPhone user, I used apps of TripAdvisor and FourSquare extensively to lookout for the good local eats and budget type of course.

I base the search near the location of where I am near meal time. FourSquare has quite a lot of local users, comments in Italian, and you might run into a few random English ones left by tourists presumably – so that’s quite reliable. TripAdvisor has too many results, mainly English, and I often cross check with FourSquare.

I found the calorie worth gelato shops using ever connected iPhone too.

Inside Vatican Museum, too bad photography was strictly prohibited inside Sistine Chapel

This time round, I have learnt to accept that there will not be enough budget and an elaborated dress for a Michelin starred restaurant – next time I hope.

St Peter’s Basilica
parts of the ruins inside Palatine (ancient rome)
underneath the platform of Colosseo
part of Palatine (ancient Rome)
wanna guess which Italian designer is this?

Travelling through Italy in July is nice, but no more next time for me.

I would love to be back in September/October to avoid the crowd, searing heat and just to chill.

Hope this entry helps in your next Europe travelling.


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