L’antica Griglia Toscana (Rome,Italy)

menu cover

On the first day in Rome, we had our first meal late evening – 9pm.

After a long nap that is. Travelling from chilly and drizzly Dublin to the searing heat of Italy in the mid July was no easy feat.

I based my search on TripAdvisor app on iPhone for a local eat near our hotel, and it has to be reasonably priced.

And a Tuscan grill restaurant with good ratings turned up on the search…they also serve the Roman dishes too, so off we went.

Carciofi alla giudia (deep fried Jerusalem artichoke) EUR7

Most guide books point out deep fried Jerusalem artichoke as one of the popular must-try Roman dishes, and we ordered it.

Not a healthy combination with the pasta dishes, but what the heck.

The batter was super crunchy and light, huge portion too, addictive! Salt was the only seasoning needed.

Taglioni Cacio e Pepe EUR9

Being here around 9pm on a Monday night, the restaurant was packed still.

Hard to catch the ever so busy waiters, once they got you, the service was prompt. That’s a good sign of a restaurant, right?

Taglioni cacio e pepe – taglioni cheese and pepper was another simple yet strongly recommended dish to try in Rome.

Sure, it very simple yet very tasty, abundance of pecorino cheese was thrown in.

And he had the classic carbonara spaghetti (EUR9), pretty good.

I would love to be back here to try out their Florentine steak, there was a huge griller in the restaurant and I regretted not trying any of it.

Be glad that on the same stretch, you could find one of the delicious and recommended homemade gelato shops.

Address: Via dei Gracchi, 86 – 92, 00192 Rome, Italy


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