San Marco Pizzeria (Rome, Italy)

table cloth

Second day into Rome, after spending almost the whole day roaming through Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica.

We went back to the hotel room for a restful nap, and that’s the advantage of staying near the Vatican.

Dinner time’s up.

I searched for another restaurant near our place, not in the mood to venture far and aching for some Italian pizza.

Salami pomodoro pizza

We resorted to San Marco Pizzeria.

Rating was not that all great shown on the TripAdvisor app, but no mean comments either.

The salami above had nice thin crust, topping was fairly ok, very Italian I suppose.

Homemade gnocchi with porcini and gorgonzola

I was picturing gnocchi smoldered in some thick cheese and cream served in a baked dish when I ordered it.

That aside, the lightly tossed homemade gnocchi in gorgonzola cream was not bad at all. Of course, the porcini was fantastic which was the consolation.

Portion was huge, filled up the whole plate. And I’m sure you will be paying the same price for half of this portion outside Italy.

You could consider this pizzeria if you’re in Prati area (after a day spent at Vatican), probably other dishes would fare way better.

Address: Via Tacito, 29, 00193, Rome, Italy


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