Trattoria Al Palazzacio (Rome)


The best meal we had in Rome got to be this one, which was also our last night in Rome.
This is the last post on Rome as well…phew!

To our surprise, they offer 15% discount to the final bill if you dine and leave before 8.30pm. Great!

lobster linguine

The stock base with hint of chilli oil and sweetness was downright delicious, very flavourful. Best one.

chicken porcini

From reading the menu, I thought it would be a grilled piece of chicken topped with porcini sauce. So, this presentation caught me off guard. To my surprise, it was appetising. And reminded me of Chinese stir fried dish, very homey.

fillet mignon in blackpepper sauce

A celebratory dinner have to include a fine steak.

Ordered medium but came medium well, it was acceptable as the pepper sauce was gorgeous.

I ate up the soft blackpepper corn beads too, they weren’t chokingly spicy at all.

Oh, we had their house wine at EUR5 per glass, sweet and soothing.

creme caramel

What can I say, it tasted better than its look.


Organically put together, a good one.

Total bill including tips was EUR 50! That was quite a value for such delicious food and attentive service.

Address: Via Ennio Quirino Visconti, 66-68, 00193 Rome, Italy


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