Oblika Mozzarella Bar (Florence, Italy)

table setting

I got to say Florence is my favourite city in Italy – thus far.

Not only you get to shop for branded and local leather goods, there are lots of high quality gelaterias around, not to mention this city is the origin of gelato.

I searched through Foursquare for a proper lunch and came upon a mozzarella bar (an international chain store, but better ones are in Italy of course) situated in the luxury mall area.

a very nice restaurant set up in the courtyard

Reviews didn’t mention that it was set in a courtyard, marvellous!

There were indoor air-con seats too, but the courtyard seats are the best. Cooling and very chilled in the midst of searing summer.

A Tasting of 2 handmade Mozzarellas di Bufala Campana DOP: 
Pontina and Smoked ~EUR13

We started off with the very fresh and tasty mozzarella! Bursting with milky fluid within.

The olive oil condiments on the side helped to enhance the flavours further, the smoked one was awesome too.

Scialatielli di Gragnano Pasta with Smoked Swordfish, Ricotta and Pistachio from Bronte Pesto di Bufala and Pistachio from Bronte Pesto ~EUR15

We tried to have only one full proper meal per day while touring due to budget.

So, for main course, I opt for the most enticing sounding dish (to me anyway) on the menu.

However, this was the most disappointing one.

The cream was nice but no seasoning, and only three thin slices of smoked swordfish atop. Ironically, this was the most expensive dish out of all three.

N’Duja e Burrata
N’Duja Spicy Salami, Stracciatella di Burrata, Organic Tomato, Fresh Basil ~EUR12

This pizza dough was light and it was in the shape of an oval! Bursting with deliciousness, and spiked with some chilli oil too.

Funnily enough, the waiter told us that the salami was actually ground and mixed with the tomato based sauce, when we enquired “Where’s the salami”? For the fresh oozy melting burrata chunks atop, you have to pay a premium outside Italy.

Well, I haven’t got to try Singapore’s own Latteria Mozarella Bar, thankfully Oblika curbed my mozzarella craving for now (and more affordable too compared to SG steep pricing).

Address:Palazzo Tornabuoni , Via de’ Tornabuoni 16, Florence, Italy


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