Overdoughs (SG)


After 1 month of being away, I’m trying to find my way back into bakery/cafe hopping.

So, somewhere non-frill to begin with, and being here was a perfect start.

the bakes

I tried a piece of sampler baklava and it was gorgeous.

Less sweet than the authentic ones, to suite local palettes.

A nice gift for our Muslim friends undergoing Ramadan.

Passion fruit meringue tart SGD5

I took away a meringue tart only as the the dark chocolate cake wasn’t available.

Tipped the box over during bus ride home and ended up with some ‘precious’ spilled curd in the box.

the inside

The crust was not of crunchy shortcut pastry type, rather thin with cornflakes and gritty feel, quite unique.

Curd wasn’t too tart, the aroma of passion fruit was very sweet.

See also another review on greatnewplaces.com

Address:  #01-24 Blk 261 Waterloo Center
Tel: +65 63375945


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