Florence (Italy)

side view of Duomo church

2 hours of train ride from Rome, we reached the second city in Italy.

And we loved the cooler air here compared to the ever-so-busy Rome.

ornately decorated door at Duomo church

Florence is truly a shopping haven as well as a food haven.

We could walk from place to place, a smallish city yet packed with so much to do and see –  the birth place of Renaissance.

quaint food store’s facade met by passing
ciatuccina? (real spelling forgotten) – a local specialty pastry made of yolks and lots of sugar, it’s hard and crunchy, best eaten with sparkling wine
Biffoli shop – near Piazza del Duomo

Also, I stocked up on organic Italian toilettries from this store – L’erbolario.

The local pricing is at one third of the pricing tagged in Singapore.

inside Biffoli Shop – wish I could take each of the items here back with me
inside the courtyard of School of Leather
on the way to the School of Leather
Leather bags hung on leather tree greeted us at the entrance
the corridor of leather bags, bags and bags
one of the many statues around Florence
along Ponte Vecchio (the bridge dotted along with gold shops)
Ponte Vecchio – tourists tourists tourists
sunset time
the library decorated by Michael Angelo
part of the luxury mall area – Via de’ Tornabuoni
Santa Maria Novella Church and Museum
The oldest pharmacy in Italy (said to be in Europe and the world as well) – Pharmacia Santa Maria Novella

Got myself a rosewater tone from here at reasonable Eur12.

inside Pharmacia Santa Maria Novella

Inside this pharmacy is another artwork wonder too.

Next stop – Venice.



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