Venice & Eats (Italy)

Venezia! Overlooking St George’s Church

Another train ride, less than 2 hours from Florence and here we are.

An all-time favourite seaside city for holiday makers.

Piazza San Marco

I shall make this last travel entry as a pictorial one.

Venice, here I come.

the famous clock tower
another Venchi branch for gelato meal
smooth and classic gelato flavours from Venchi, yum
traffic light for the gondolas on the water – never see them in action though
a slice of formaggio pizza from Antico Forno – EUR2.50
and discovered that the pizza shop above is on Tripadvisor
a random statue met by passing, intrigued by the bird perching on his arm
cheap & good eats on this last trip
random snapshot of the houses
Casanova restaurant – average seafood dinner, best dish was tiramisu!
found another Grom gelato outlet, yes!
local pastries
around Piazza San Marco
gold gilded ceiling
SUSO gelato
Piazza San Marco
one of the popular gelato shops in Venice, situated right beside our hotel, hah!
the limited selection from Boutique del Gelato
our scoop from Boutique del Gelato, after Rome and Florence gelato rounds, this one from Venice was lacklustre
busy summer here
colourful seafood display – made of flour
Venetian masques
a local pastry shop
tried the ricotta torte (aka Italian cheesecake)
got also a classic tiramisu, average tasting, too much mascarpone
sweet offerings from Pasticceria Marchini
ain’t it romantic?
gondola coming through…see you next time Venezia

Venice Eat List

  1. Boutique del gelato – Castello 5727, Salizzada San Lio, Venice, Italy
  2. Suso – San Marco 5453, 30124 Venice, Italy
  3. Arte della pizza – Calle dell’Aseo, 1896 Cannaregio (closed Monday)
  4. Alfredo – Calle de la Casseleria, 5324 (Calle de la Passion),Venice, Italy 30122 (only take-away)
  5. Casanova – San Marco 4675, Venice, Italy (a randomly chosen dinner out)
  6. Grom – Cannaregio 3844 (Strada Nuova – Ca’ d’Oro) – there are 2 outlets in Venice
  7. Venchi – Calle Scuola dei Fabbri  30124 Venice, Italy
  8. Antico Forno – Sestiere San Polo, 970, 30125 Venice, Italy (for delicious pizza slices on the go)

You might be interested in hunting down best gelato in Venice via this article.


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