Aburiya (SG)

the flaming charcoal grill awaiting on meat to sizzle on

Another finally!

I was excited already upon the sight of the flaming charcoal preparing for some meat sizzling.

Passed by this Japanese grill shop zillion times, only had the intoxicating grill smell to feast on, we made it here finally on a Friday night.

Ohmi Wagyu  Tokumori T.Shio with Truffle Salt Set S$40.90++

Look at the gorgeous marbling on the wagyu pieces.

close up of the beautiful marbling on the wagyu slices

A small sprinkle of truffle salt on both sides of the meat certainly added more flair to these luxurious pieces without masking the natural wagyu sweetness.

the cheaper cuts marinated in soya sauce and spring onions

We also had Jo Karubi set and Wagyu Rib Lifter Negi set at S$14.90++ and S$12.90++ respectively.

The texture and taste were nowhere near ohmi wagyu above…

meat sizzling away

Oh yes, a box of portabello slices with butter at S$6.90++ was delicious and as basic.

I had green tea at frigging S$3++ and he had Ume Soda at S$6.90++.

We felt only the Ohmi Wagyu was the most worthwhile.

We promised to have only two sets of Ohmi Wagyu set above and leave, if we were to be back.

Service was lukewarm, hard to catch their attention even though it wasn’t full house around 9pm on a Friday night.

A meaty meal fit for a celebration for sure.

Have drinks and desserts somewhere else in the vicinity like Smitten Coffee, Laurent Bernard Chocolate Cafe, Canele Patisserie, Dimbulah…

Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-03 The Quayside,Singapore


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