Tom N Toms (SG)

the buzzer

I just decided to pop over here on a weekday morning while working on the go.

Took away 6-piece macarons from Nick & Vina bakery in the same premise, check them out here.

Pretzel breakfast set S$7.60

Not looking for a cup of thrid wave coffee here.

Just a large cuppa with something savoury to munch on, so I opt for their Parmesan pretzel.

I was surprised to see the chopped up pretzel pieces, easy to handle, and crustier than Auntie Anne’s ones…not bad at all.

 WI-FI is available here, also, I found it conducive to do some work here as it’s relatively quieter in the mid-morning  being in Tanjong Pagar (office hub).

Their huge thick toasts look more appetising, I shall be back for them.

Address: 12, Gopeng Street. #01-12/13 Icon Village, Singapore City 078877


2 thoughts on “Tom N Toms (SG)

  1. Hey, thanks! I’m using wordpress and it’s generally very easy to switch to different layouts..not sure about blogspot of yours…looking forward to your next cafe entry :)

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