espressolab (SG)

during a rainy Thursday mid morning

the interior

Espresso Lab originates from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

She is a barista training school as well where you get certified to be one.

Well, in KL you might see a good few outlets around office blocks, there is only one branch in Singapore, and it’s a few months new.

Cappuccino (S$5) and the kaya peanut butter toast (S$2.10)

The friendly cafe runner – Sue said the cafe started out as only an office in coffee matters.

Slowly, the coffee scent lured passers by in thinking it’s a cafe and asking for a cuppa.

Only in the recent months, they decided to transform the office space into a cozy cafe serving not only coffee, also cakes and savouries.

Cappuccino – a nice one

Espresso Lab offers coffee classes too, a comprehensive one at S$40 which covers all the basics in two classes.

Address:13 Bali Lane, Singapore, Singapore 189849


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