Swensen’s Spanking New Breakfast Menu (SG)

Good Morning Sunnies S$11.90++

BRUNCH is all rage now…I  don’t see why it’s not.

It’s not breakfast per say, not lunch, it’s the idea of mixing both meals at one time, results is the best of both worlds.

And say hi to this pair of sunnies…

Simple items on the plate, each cooked perfectly and most importantly, they tasted comfy and easy on the pocket too.

Toasty mini ciabatta rolls filled with oozy honey butter [media portion]

They tasted absolutely delicious and I never had these anywhere else before, quite a novelty.

Let’s start with a cuppa first to go with the rest of the breafkast

Simply French Toast S$7.50++ served with honey butter cream & maple syrup

The sweet brioche slices were thick and crisp on the outside, soft inside.

Drizzle on the maple syrup and slab on some honey butter cream that came with them, you will not regret to be here.

They weren’t soaked in oil as typical French toasts are, on the healthy side if you ask me without losing the taste.

Swensen’s Surinse Omelette S$10.90++

At this point now, I was pretty impressed with the quality breakfast items already.

Sure they are not gourmet ingredients, but they hit the spot.

Omelette is typically a testing dish, a few seconds of overcooking, it will turn out leathery.

But, you will be glad to find moist juicy interior dotted with tomato cubes here.

All American Buttermilk Pancakes S$9.90++

Classic French Toast with Honey Butter Cream S$10.90++

Personally, I love this sweet and savoury combination.

Saltiness balance out sweetness from the sweet slices, nice.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich S$9.90++

A good drizzle of chilli sauce and mayonnaise would be great to add some moisture to this burger.

For something light & soupy

 Seafood soup with thick rice vermicelli, served with fried dumplings on the side

I didn’t get to taste it but great to see two local dishes offered on the menu as well, huge portions.

The other one being congee.

Hearty Steak & Eggs S$14.90++

Since you made the effort to have a breakfast, ok brunch.

Why not treat yourself to something more substantial and luxurious without breaking the bank?

Close up of the steak underneath

 Topped with sweet caramelised onion shredding, good stuff.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict S$12.90++

Perfectly poached eggs, once broken, the golden lava paired with the thick sourish Hollandaise to be soaked up by the crunchy sourdough toasts underneath, the saltiness from the smoky salmon slices round it up together ultimately.

You can’t go wrong with this.  Nutritious omega-3,6,9 is the excuse.

close up of the egg benny

Who says you can’t have ice-cream for breakfast too!

Here’s a selection of D24, Pistachio and Bitter Chocolate gelato with various toppings.

I missed scrambled egg picture, but I remembered it being creamy and tender.

I highly recommend the quality and delicious breakfast fare at Swensen’s, tagged at really affordable pricing.

Also check out  yumyumformytumtum for it!

[Media Invitation @ ION Orchard branch]
Swensen’s breakfast menu
Available island wide from 8am -11am; Available at Changi Airport from 3am – 11am.


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