Tuxedo café and pâtisserie (SG)

The cake counter showing mini snowskin mooncakes too

I was so excited knowing another pastry shop right in the city just opened for business.

Good coffee (Italian hand pulled) and delicious pastries warrant a visit.

So, here I am.

more sweet offerings

For something savoury, the mini pies looked great S$3.80+ each onwards

each cake at S$5.80+, these were halved by me for my other half

I took away two chocolate based sweet pastries.

One being their signature cake – Tuxedo cake and another one was chocolate mousse cake with raspberry centre.

Tuxedo cake with the luxurious icing atop

Four layers of moist dark chocolate sponges, filled with lemon scented white chocolate cream in between.

Milk chocolate glaze on the outside.

Ooo la la, it was so decadent.

look at the moist dark chocolate sponge

A breath of fresh air from the normal chocolate cakes tasted, not too sweet as well.

Raspberry centre chocolate mousse with feuilletine bottom – so darn good

I was going for the lobster pie actually, but upon seeing this sexy looking tower, I gave up the pie for it.

Let’s have a cross-sectional look

I made the right choice over the pie.

Very smooth chocolate mousse layered against the soft chocolate cake sponges.

Sharp raspberry compote to lighten up the overall palette. Love the glistening chocolate glaze on the outside , bittersweet and utterly enjoyable.

Considering the cake sizes, quite reasonable pricing they were for such good qualities.

One strong advantage of this cafe is… apart from the central location, the very accommodating opening hours to satisfy your sweet cravings.

They offer fresh bakes as well, which you have to see the links below for more pictures …





Address: 76 Bras Basah Road, Lobby Carlton Hotel Singapore
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu:7am to 12am ; Fri – Sat:7am to 1 am


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