Molley Roffey’s (SG)

The entrance, just right in front of Bras Brasah MRT exit

Charming and rustic facade.

The signage along the walkway.

the bar counter

Being in Ireland for part of my life, I don’t feel the interior is as authentically Irish, this speaks for the food offered, but great effort was made to create the Irishness which I could give credit to.

That being said, food here was generally tasty and really reasonably priced.

It’s sure a cosy spot to wind down after a hard day’s work.

The main sitting area

There’s a ‘fireplace’ behind the band station

Starter – Caesar Salad

The dressing was surprisingly punchy with fresh herbs, croutons could be crispier. Chicken cubes and presumably turkey bacon bits fared well. Freslyh chopped lettuce leaves were well coated in seemingly pre-made blue cheese dressing.

Creamy Blue Cheese Salad

Same dressing was used here for the leaves, the main highlight of this salad was definitely the posh halved pear stuffed with blue cheese.

It’s something I have never met even in a full fledged Western restaurant, great job here. So for the cheese lovers, try this out, you will love it.

Mushroom Medley Pizza

If you tried Dr Oetker frozen pizza before, and you like it to bits.

The same ‘crackery’ crust base was exactly what I experienced with this mushroom pizza. The sautee deep brown mushroom slices had great earthy flavours.

Easily the winner dish for all of us.

Buffalo Wings

Tangy and slightly spicy coating on these tender winglets and drumlets was another crowd pleaser.

Irish Stew

The rich broth was delicious, tender and not-too-gamey lamb cubes eaten with softened carrots was so comforting.

Close up of the hearty stew

Prawn Aglio Olio

Crustacean lovers will love the bouncy prawns served up in this dish. Simple and no fault to find with.

Sweet & Sour Dory with Rice

They offer one different Asian dish during lunch time only, and it changes weekly.

Most of my lunch companions favoured this dish greatly as well.

Fish & Chips

I took a liking to the cajun shoe string fries dipped into the very lemony mayonnaise.

Fried fish itself was alright, I hope the batter will improve in texture next time round.


We decided to give in to an extra pasta dish everybody loves.

The version here was less smoky and lacking because no hard core bacons and egg yolk were used, a pity.

I think it’s more appropriate to label it as ham and mushroom cream pasta…

Irish bread pudding

The boozy cream sauce served was nice, real vanilla specked ice-cream was alright. Serving was pretty small for a pudding. The presentation could be more rustic rather than fancy-wannabe.

Overall, food here was simple and generally tasty.

Guess what, happy hour here starts as early as 12pm right until the closing time…reasonably priced beers here for you to chillax.

Thank you to the restaurant’s marketing executive – Jennifer and Streetdirectory organisers – Joyce and Haren for hosting this lovely Tues lunch out.

[Media Invitation]
Address: 51 Brash Basah Road #01-02A Plaza By The Park, Singapore (just outside Bras Brasah MRT)
another branch at Market St;  third one coming up at Esplanade before F1 weekend begins


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