Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux (SG)

Salted caramel & mousse tart S$4.80

I wasn’t sure if it’s worth putting up an entry just on this tart. I didn’t even take a picture of this bakery’s facade or interior, since I don’t have any plan to go back so here it is.

I read about their value and delicious breakfast fare, and on the sweet offerings, this affordable tart was a hit, so it seemed.

It was a midday during a midweek, I purposely chose the super off-peak time to be here but there were office people coming over here for tea time, and some random tourists and residents taking away bakes and stuff.

Cramped nonetheless in the poorly laid out shop.  The mood to sit in was dampened, I decided to take away this tart since I found no other baked goods that intrigued me.

The crumbly and buttery tart base was delightful. Even though the chocolate wasn’t of premium grade, but the whole salty caramel and crunchy chocolate balls (lots of them) together with the faint chocolate mousse was a good afternoon treat.

I’d recommend it if you pass by the shop and I’ll have another one if I do pass it by.

Address: 57 Killiney Road  Singapore 239520
Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm (Weekdays); 8am – 4pm (Weekends)


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