Haramiya Japanese BBQ (SG)

One of the menu pages featuring meat platter

During the mid-autumn Friday, before checking out the lantern display along the river, we checked out the long un-patronised shopping centre at Clarke Quay.

While roaming through the narrow and maize-like walkway to find a reasonably priced dinner, we chanced upon this Japanese grill restaurant. The facade was quite majestic, and a lot of attractive looking bento sets on display luring us in.

Assorted sashimi S$9.99++

This sashimi plate even had scallop slices, not bad at all.

Seafood Jijimi S$6.99++

The cuisine offered here seemed of Korean instead of Japanese.

While the pancake was tasty and crunchy at the edges, the serving was ridiculously small for S$7.

Harami S$5.99++

We had Harami cuts as above, one neat, one with garlic & butter (same price) – we fancied this cheaper cut somehow. chewier and more flavourful.

Also, we had Karubi (with butter & garlic) S$7.99++, it was chewy as well but it came with a subtle sweetness.

Ok, this restaurant serves affordable meat cuts, so no expectation of wagyu texture, marbling here and there.

Also, the portions of the meat served were puny.

Meat sizzling away on the gas fueled grill

Hot or cold green tea will rob you of S$3++, so be aware of this exorbitantly priced drink here.

Overall, it was an ok experience and alright food fare.

Go for their S$12.90++ onwards bento sets if you need carbo and the ancillary items to fill up.

Another review here, here and here.

Address: #03-87 The Central, Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore (at Clarke Quay MRT)


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