Soho Coffee (SG)

Freshened up interior and also chic cutlery around

I had brunch here before and also lunch, back when the interior was bright and canteen like.

A snapshot of their new furniture, I must say I love it

Now, to my surprise, during a Sun afternoon tea time, we were greeted with a chic and dark wooden interior. Exuding coziness and so inviting.

Love the wall mirror and the long table dividing the dining space…exact colour scheme I am conjuring up for my own house

Love the French related decorative pieces on the shelves…

New menu design, from the overall revamp, Chic Parisian feel you sensed by now?

A neat and classic looking menu…

Cappuccino S$5+ (subjected to service charge)

He had the usual cappuccino, and I went for flat white…

Flat White S$5+

The past fan page offer (20%)and the set menus were revoked at this point and will be re-introduced at some stage according to the friendly waitress…

I would love to be back to try out the tea set.

Address: 36 Armenian Street, #01-08 Singapore (near City Hall MRT)


3 thoughts on “Soho Coffee (SG)

  1. soho coffee is one of my favourite caffeine-boost pit stops, the beans have caramel undertones (my personal favourite) last two times I tried, this visit round, not as intense…but still as good

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