Kyushu experience @ Sun Japanese Dining (SG)

The vibrant Friday evening

Just as I was going to post this entry, Groupon just launched a deal with this very same restaurant, I have to share it.

Kyushu, an island located at the most southern tip of Japan.

In conjunction with Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sun is launching the Kyushu Experience to introduce the main ingredients from regions in and around Kyushu, Japan.

The Kyushu menu will be available from 16-Nov-2012 to 8-Jan-2013.

Kyushu menu

Mentai Salmon Takana Roll

I am sure many of you out there had countless maki of all sorts locally.

One that is wrapped in preserved mustard leaf is a first for me.

Each was a healthy bite bursting with briny fish roes and a salmon slice balanced off with some sweet omelette enveloped within.

Shiokoji Moriawase platter

Shiokoji is essentially fermented rice mixture and this is one of the Kyushu specialties.

The meat platter consisted of salmon, Berkshire pork, chicken, white asparagus and apple slices.

Every item was well marinated in shiokoji before grilling.

That resulted not only in melting tender texture but also full of subtle rice fragrance.

Shiokoji – fermented rice mixture that went into marinating the grilled items

Kyushu Sashimi Mori 7 Kind

Ooo…lala! Who doesn’t like the taste of sea served right up in your face, prepped and cleaned.

This massive sashimi platter comprised of fatty tuna, yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden-eye snapper, stipred jack, yellow tail and Japanese seabream.

Having air-flown fish delivery twice a week to the restaurant, these sashimi slices were very fresh tasting and came in thick slabs.

Fried fish cakes stuffed with cheese

I must say these were rather unusually shaped fish cakes as opposed to the ones we normally had from Thai and local cuisines.

Oozy cheeses guaranteed from these daintily hand shaped fish cakes, served with a strong mustard paste on the side.

A nice east-meet-west combination.

Kurobuta Gyoza

The gyoza was wrapped with Berkshire pork (from US), chives and cabbage.

I never thought I would like these dumplings that I had almost half the plate.

The juicy and flavourful pork filling was so tasty, the chives within further enhanced the overall palette.

Cold served seaweed udon with a side dipping sauce

Got you! No, this is not soba.

These are Kyushu’s version of thin and flat udon made of simply seaweed (lots of it), plain flour and salt.

A refreshing intermittent cold dish that will give you umami and a good break amongst the hearty savoury dishes.

The condiments for the cold seaweed udon

Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke

Want something healthy or rather healthier?

I would recommend this bowl of rice drowned in freshly brewed green tea bonito soup, served with golden-eye snapper fillet and mentai (spicy cod roes).

Not only it was so healthy, this bowl worked out a very delicious combination and texture.

The freshly brewed green tea that went into the green tea rice bowl above.

(Left) Wasabi sauce (Right) Green chilli with Yuzu

We were asked to run some taste testing on the above two condiments which are not available in Singapore yet.

Wasabi sauce was actually made of real ground Japanese horseradish soaked in oil and a special blend of spices.

Whereas the tangy green chilli sauce with yuzu as well as special blend of spices took our liking a lot, a good accompaniment to grilled items.

Wagyu Steak Ajikurabe

Charred exterior, succulent meat and perfectly balanced marbling of Grade C had no fault to find with.

Tonkotsu Takana Ramen

This was such a rich and uber flavourful broth. Chewy ramen too.

Served with shredded preserved mustard leaf which lifted up the overall richness from the soup.

Love this hearty bowl of goodness.

Yame Tea with Goma Cookies

We have arrived at the exciting dessert round finally!

Here, the yame tea was of smoked version of the green yame tea used here.

Tea leaves came with a hint of fruitiness, went very well with the crunchy sesame cookies and also the peach chiffon cake (below).

Momo Jam Chiffon Cake

The chiffon cake packed with peachy scent, light as feather.

 Accompanied with vanilla specked fresh cream and preserved peach slices.

A refreshing end to the meal.

Yamecha Roll Cake

If you prefer a more substantial dessert to close off the meal, then come to this antioxidant packed green tea roll cake.

Served with a dollop of sweetened red bean paste. Classic combination and a perfect ending.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to Sun Japanese Dining and 360 Productions for organising this wonderful Kyushu cuisine tasting.

Now, you have seen a low down on the Kyushu menu.

Have a try at it, and make use of Groupon’s sweet deal with Sun Japanese Dining today.

Also, you might be delighted to know of the restaurant’s Privilege Card programme, great for accumulating loyalty points and getting good discounts.

[Media Invitation]
Address: 30 Victoria Street, #02-01 Chijmes, Singapore (accessed by two flights of stairs up from the ground floor)


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