Blackbird Cafe in a drizzly evening (SG)

Latte S$5.50++

We settled in here on a public holiday Tuesday evening, it was such a cozy and comfortable affair.

Drizzly evening and favourite rock pop music spinning in the background.

Not packed at all, just nice.

Avocado crush (with gula melaka syrup) S$9++

This drink was adequately sweetened with gula melaka (palm sugar) syrup.

A great drink.

Fish and Chips S$12++

The fish and chips we always had here tooked on a new presentation.

Tasted just as great, crispy batter and tender flaky fish inside.

Quiche Lorraine S$8++

This is not your average quiche lorraine, using puff pastry filled with mushrrom ragout, cream & bacon.

Dainty and bite sized indeed, nice take.

Address: 6 Handy Road, The Luxe (beside The Cathay)


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