Samy’s Curry @ Dempsey Hill (SG)

Briyani S$3 with complimentary three varieties of sides. Huge lime juice glasses in the background.

This restaurant seemed to be a hot favourite among the working crowd nearby.

Perched up on Dempsey hill (or rather slope), reached by a flight of stair.

Surrounded by lush greenery.

A spacious interior, high ceiling installed with ceiling fans. Very quaint.

Fish head curry S$24 medium

This fish head curry packed some very fresh protein, tender and flaky.

The assam curry broth was just right, not as salty as typically found in Banana Apollo Leaf restaurant.

Close up of the rice on banana leaf.

Fluffy spice coated basmati rice grains on a fragrant banana leaf, beat that!

Succulent tandoori chicken S$4 per piece

We ordered our favourite chicken tandoori and this dish surpassed our expectation.

So tender inside, not to mention the delicious spicy coating outside charred to perfection.

My dad loved the tastings thus far, judging from his background of being raised by an Indian family in his childhood.

And yes, I highly recommend this place for visitors to Singapore to try their first ever Curry Fish Head.

25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670
Open daily, closed every Tuesday.
11am-3pm ( Lunch ) 6pm-10pm ( Dinner )
Tel : 6472 2080


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