Strictly Pancakes (SG)

Pancakes condiments – Maple Syrup, Garlic Herb Butter

Woot! Saturday is finally here!

It’s brunch time, let’s get out of the bed right after this post and treat yourself to a hearty start.

I was in Siglap for the duly weekend family visit and wanted to drop by The Big Sheila across the street.

The unassuming quiet stretch of shop houses saw a queue snaked outside the restaurant, ok , it was more like a group of people clumped outside the shop. This was on a Saturday peak lunch time and in the drizzle.

So I ditched it and thought to try out the newly opened pancake house at Siglap eateries hub (just beside Udders, used to be the Thai restaurant – Porns’).

Potatoes Leeking Cheese S$12++

I love potatoes, and combined with cheese and leek. So, had to order this.

It came with sauteed mushrooms and sour cream as well, on top of their famous maple syrup and compound butter.

The fluffy pancake, hit the spot for me. Cheese wasn’t overwhelming, a few bits of leek lifted up the very comforting potato pancake.

The Druggie S$11++

He surprisingly ordered something on the sweet side.

The whole combination was good.

I imagine, if a guy bring his girl to this shop, and order this plate of ‘druggie’ for her, she will marry him.

Anyways, I felt pretty cloyed up upon half of this portion.

I still prefer the savoury pancakes.

I will be back next time if I fail to get a seat for the 4th time at The Big Sheila.

81 Upper East Coast Rd
Singapore 455220

**Revisited on 5-Jan-2013**

Crab Cake Pancakes S$14++

The crab cake was puny, the taste was chilli based, packed with crab flesh, not bad at all.

Smaller diameter pancakes but thicker too, as fluffy as the rest.

Chicken A La King S$13++

A comforting combination, cream and pan fried chicken fillets which were overdone…

Fluffy pancakes to boot, more cream would be better.

~ Revisited in May 2014 ~

Black forest pancakes S$14++ The boy loved it, to me, it was alright…a fuller scoop of ice-cream would be better to ratio against the 3-stack pancakes really. Brandied cherries were great, more chocolate sauce would be better too!


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