Amuse (SG) [CLOSED]


Amuse taking its name from the French term ‘amuse bouche’ which literally translates to ‘mouth amuser’.

A casual eatery and bar by the Esmirada Group that serves an array of small bites made of fine ingredients (the ones offered at fine dining restaurants) and drinks along Orchard Road for a chillax time.

No dress up and make up for a fancy meal, you got it here. Yes, you can turn up in flip-flop and shorts for sure.

Personal quotes from Armin himself, found just right inside the restaurant at the high wall.

Chef Armin Leitgeb who left Les Amis group to spend more time at home back in France was taken on board as the consultant to create an amazing selection of quality fare at Amuse. He travels to Singapore once a month to oversee the menu.

Helming the kitchen at Amuse is Chef Lee Chee Kheong, the trusted right-hand man whom Armin has worked closely with during the past three years. By the way, he is from Ipoh (Malaysia) started off as a dim sum learner. I stumbled upon an article of him on Sunday Life dated 16-Dec-2012.

Overseeing the operations is an experienced team made up of Christian Wild – the general manager of the Esmirada Group, and Katharina Riege – the manager of Amuse.

Maica ($18) of Rhum Vieux du Père Labat, fresh banana, milk, Vedrenne chocolat liquor, and blow-torched raw sugar.

The bar at Amuse (which incidentally also serves sister restaurant Esmirada next door) is fronted by young Austrian whiz kid, Klaus Leopold.

His creative spirit is evident in imaginative cocktails such as the Amber Bowl ($18) (not shown here) which is an elegant balance of Rhum Vieux du Père Labat, apple juice, homemade vanilla syrup, Fee Brothers Orange Bitters.

Guaba 442 SGD18 –  A blend of rhum JM Blanc 50, fresh Thai guava, fresh banana and grenadine- on top a natural fresh passion fruit espuma and homemade crushed & minted sugar.

This cute little thing was actually one of the more potent ones around.

It packed foamy and pasty substance, potentially a darn good alcoholic dessert instead.

The Mosquito S$9 – Fresh limes & mint leaves, Ginger Ale, Crushed & minted sugar.

Mosquito is a mocktail. Really refreshing and packed with the usual suspects minus the rhum. The mint leaves were so fresh that I ate them up while downing the drink.

Beef Tartare Cone S$14

Guess what, this was the first time ever I had beef tartare. I love seafood sashimi, but raw red meat was a borderline I couldn’t go pass all this while.

This beef tartare rendition was dressed up in such a fun and cute way that I had to give it a try.

The filo pastry was so light, buttery and crunchy, eaten with the horseradish seasoned tender beef, the texture contrast and taste matched perfectly.  I could only have beef tartare this way.

Marinated Salmon S$10 (actual platter would contain 1/3 more)

Crunchy vegetables against firm salmon cubes infused with smoky and briny flavours, a refreshing one.

Crispy Pork Crouton with Lightly Smoked Eel S$21

This unassuming piece of eel had an amazing journey before turning up on this plate.

It originated from Holland, then transported to a famous smoke house in France for flavour upgrade, finally reached the chef’s hands for a creative assembly. This is my favourite dish of all.

The just adequate smokiness released from the tender eel with added crunch from the very crispy pork crouton, first time having such palette and I loved it.

Grilled Spanish Octopus S$19

Grilled Spanish octopus, remained tender, accompanied with the delicious heirloom tomato slices, drizzled over with pure pumpkin oil.

Another marvellous combination of premium ingredients through and through.

Ciabatta Wrapped Crispy Egg S$15

Most people who love this simple and yet painstakingly constructed ‘breakfast’ in-a-mouthful.

The thin crispy ciabatta slice was shaped to wrap the steamed & poached egg – having runny yolk within still, served with flavourful spinach and mushroom ragout.

This was a technical testing dish indeed and comforting too.

Tomato ‘Bouchot’ Mussel Risotto S$19

These were string cultivated mussels in clear water stayed grit free and also tasted delicious.

The ‘aged’ risotto grains, yes these grains were aged for further flavour enhancement. Cooked in a deep seafood broth, refreshed with some chopped olives and basil oil.

Another fine dish and comforting as well.

Grilled Hamachi ‘Kama’ S$25

First time having hamachi in its form (ok, minus the head) – here is my top 2 favourite dish!

This plain looking  and super delicious fish was best eaten on its own, leave the lemon wedges aside.

Ultra crispy skin, with the right smokiness from the grilling – and superbly executed grilling to retain the flaky and moist flesh inside.

Prawn Tempura S$20

Yearning for something fried? Yes, there should be something fried offered for a menu serving small bites.

Huge springy prawns coated in crunchy light batter, served with local favourite wasabi mayonnaise and added fennel – no complain at all!

Spicy Lamb Burger S$16

The mince lamb was marinated using an in-house harissa spice blend and served with fennel pollen aioli for a Middle Eastern riff.

Eat the pita as soon as served, otherwise it will turn soggy from the aioli base.

Chargrilled Wagyu ‘Cubes’ Cooked in Hay S$39

Armin created this dish out of his reminiscence of his childhood in Austria when he grew up on his grandparents’ farm and hay was aplenty in the barn.

The wobbly texture of the fine piece of meat upon yielding of the knife was so enticing. My top 3 favourite dish got to be this one.

Diners can order this waygu dish or more extravagant items such as the Italian oscietre caviar, Kaviari ($78) and Spicy Lobster Pasta ($26) under the “Kick It Up A Notch” section.

Dessert on request, literally! Napoleon it was.

There isn’t any dessert offered on their normal menu, and being a dessert junkie we were, we requested for one and the chef granted us with a Napoleon version of his. This one was very Christmasy indeed with accents of red strawberries and green mint leaves.

I sure hope their future menu to include a list of permanent desserts.

Tips: Amuse also introduces an early afternoon ‘Daily Special’ from 3pm to 5pm daily where diners can enjoy a small bite and a beverage at an irresistible price. Do look out for it!

Oh yes, happy hour offers are from 5pm to 8pm daily!

Christmas & New Year’s Eve Special Buffet Spread

Amuse is pleased to offer scrumptious dinner buffets for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, from 6.30pm till late. Just for the season, diners can enjoy Amuse’s exquisite delectables – normally savoured on small plates – which will be showcased in resplendent and abundant buffet spreads. The lively soirées will be complemented by guests DJs spinning crowd-pleasing tracks for a celebratory atmosphere.

Thank you to Sixth Sense Communication and Amuse for hosting such a delicious and fun evening.

$88/pax, Christmas dinner buffet from 6.30pm to 10pm.

$118/pax, New Year’s Eve dinner buffet from 7pm to 11pm, supper items after midnight.

[Media Invitation]

Address: 442 Orchard Road, #01-29, Orchard Hotel, Singapore 238 879
Tel: +65 6735 3476
Operating hours:
Mon to Fri: 5pm to 1am (last order at 1am)
Sat: 12noon to 1am (last order at 1am)
Sun: 12noon to 11pm (last order at 11pm)


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