Mel’s Drive In @ Universal Studio Singapore

Spinning records in the air :)

Happy Boxing Day! Happy shopping too if you are on days off :)

Hope your Christmas day was a good one, be it peaceful or boisterous.

Fries and milkshake from the burger set meal

Double Cheese Burger set S$14.70 (w/chocolate milkshake and fries)

It started out as a ‘tea-time’ meal after bouts of thrill rides to calm down using sugar and carbs.

So we hit this double cheese burger meal with milkshake.

The patties were thick, the textures similar to Burger King ones.

The guy being a guy refused to share it after two three bites.

Big Momma burger set S$14.30 (w/large soft drinks top up and fries)

So I ordered the special of the month – Big Momma claiming to use premium beef.

It could be psychological because of the ‘premium’ branding.

These patties tasted more flavourful, softer on teeth. The combination of guacamole and whatever brown sauce used was pretty good.

I do recommend this outlet amongst the other ones inside USS for a quick and tasty refuel.

Xmas tree inside USS!

Need I say more?

A scene around the ‘wharf’…

The ‘quay’…

The Galatica & The Cylon!! I only took the easier one, the red line :P

Address: Inside Universal Studio Singapore theme park


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