Marutama Ramen (SG)

These cold weeks brought on by the rainy season would be well comforted with a hot and steamy soup.

Ramen soup is one of the best choices around to inject some warmth into the tired soul after a long day at work, particularly if you are not on year end annual leave.


We always see queues formed outside this shop during peak dinner hour.

So, we didn’t bother to check it out until one fine weekday afternoon – before 6pm.

No queue, great seats to choose from and best of all – quiet!

Picture showing December

Vegetable ramen with braised egg S$13++ & S$1.50++

Why no char siew atop you must be thinking…

Ok, two of us weirdos do not really like pork in general. So, I opted for vegetable ramen with spicy soup base. The stock itself was way lighter than the pork soup base, and subtle tasting.

Ramen strands were rather thin and chewy, almost like instant noodle textures.

Overall, it was an average bowl for me.

Chicken Ball & Mixed Nut Ramen S$15++ with Braised Egg S$1.50++

This bowl of ramen was served with a lemon wedge. Quite an unusual touch.

Chicken balls made of chicken, chilli and 7 types of mixed nuts were alright, nothing outstanding.

Taste wise, nuttier and funkier because of the mixed nuts and lemon juice. In other words, an average tasting bowl.

Hmm…not keen to be back anytime soon.

Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-90,The Central, Singapore 059817


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