Flock Cafe (SG)

Happy New Year!

It won’t be long we will be having Lunar New Year!

It’s great to live in a multicultural society, ain’t it?

We get to experience all sorts of new years and festivities which of course means festive food.


We tracked down another relatively new cafe opened inside Tiong Bahru enclave.

The bakes

Non-fuss cake choices, and also a short and sweet list of caffeinated drinks offered.

Flat White S$4.80

This was a mild cuppa, enough to add kick to an afternoon slump.

Cappuccino S$4.80

The thin toffee layer atop the very moist banana cake was hence called banoffee cake.

Hopefully they offer pies or tarts down the road.

Banoffee Cake S$6

I like the cozy wooden stools (short ones) and tables layout in the shop, outdoor seating available too.

You will be awarded with a chilled afternoon here.

Address: 78, Moh Guan Terrace, #01-25, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 162078
Facebook page

Revisited in June-2013. We ordered two iced mocha an a slice of cheesecake – S$21, t’was pretty expensive. Good thing that the mocha was decent, came in good balance of espresso and chocolate syrup. And the cheesecake was fresh – the biscuit base was virtually crunchy – have not experienced that on moist cheesecake in a long while. Cream cheese cake itself was intense and crumbly.


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